Sunday, March 21, 2010

Acheiving results with out sports supplements?

Is it possible to achieve amazing results with out the help of things like whey, creatine, glutamine, ala's, cla's, N.O. boosters, fish oil,ect? (the list is endless!) Can I eat a clean low carb diet and still build gorgeous muscles and stay trim?  For the next 4 weeks I plan eating only whole food to see if one can truly gain some spectacular results. My workouts will be full body workouts 4x a week with short but intense cardio session on the off days. Will I feel fantastic with high energy? Will I maintain my muscles mass, add more and slightly trim out?

After week 4, Week 5 will be a rest and recovery week, week 6 I will pull out all the stops and add multiple sports suppliments (hopefully a certain someone will have remembered to box up and ship a bunch of stuff to help with this test, and get some of his company products logged and tested as I promised! JJJJ) Weekly measurement, progress pics and a quick synopsis of what, when and how I feel will be ahead some don't miss out and follow along, oh and please share this blog I want to reach out to everybody fit and those who aren't fit and so want to be!
PS: Day one without supps is today! One more click and I'm outie to hit the weights.
Time to rock it!

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