Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A lil motivation and perseverance pays off

Finally gettin in the groove, FINALLY!!!! I decided Sunday to run a 4 week test to see if It's possible to gain muscle, and somewhat lean out with out sports supplements. Sunday, workout done, feeling pretty good, left me a lil sore, but hey, comes with the territory! Step on the scale Monday, k, up 2 lbs. hm, trying to let it not bug me. But, back up, Alarm goes off 5 am, Monday Morning, flip the switch to OFF, roll over, yeah, motivation, nill. Smartly, I pack my lunch, will make that day a good day. Our business has a newsstand right next door and they sell little Debbie oatmeal cream pies. OMG, I'm a sucker for those and I craved one real bad yesterday. I win, I ignore the urge, point 1 for me. Great dinner, lots of veggies, tall glass of ff milk. point 2 for me! Score! Chillen and watching TV, last weeks 24 to be exact. second time watching, getting ready for the next episode, in 60 minutes (well 30 but who wants to watch the 1st 30 minutes with commercials??) Now I know I need to get up @ 5 am and get my butt in gear and if I'm up past 10 I'll never get up! just let the DVR do it's work! Bed time, sleepy time, alarm time and I'll tell you, I had the best workout this morning! and even before coffee!!
So now after making smart, easy choices I feel fantastic, it has set me up to make the right choices, and they're getting easier too! Now I can go home, cook for the Family and enjoy 24 and still get to bed in time for the next 5 AM wake up call!

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