Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back on the Horse but riding backwards

I have read many articles about how to successfully transition to off season  (bodybuilding and figure competing). I figured it would be easy, I've always had a great handle on proper nutrition and exercise. I had not a clue that I would crash and burn. Food for me was like a drink to an alcoholic, I want and needed more, then of course Thanksgiving, my 33rd birthday, Christmas came, and  went, and the urge to splurge was still going strong. Motivation to workout ran away, and well, though the weight has not crept on to much (only 10 lbs), the desire to say good morning to the world and my weights @ 4:30 am was long gone.
It is now March, 4 1/2 months since I've been in  peak physical shape, and I feel like crap! Some how, some where, I needed to reach inside of me and pull out that drive and motivation! How could I have forgotten how spectacular wholesome food and exercise made my body mind and soul feel? I must have fallen on my head when I fell of that horse! LOL!!
Time to rethink food, but boy how much? macros, tracking, shopping, planning.... I know I need to, I half want to, but well. ok, no excuses here!
Just cuz the sun is not shining @ 5 am doesn't mean you don't drag your rear out of bed! I have dusted off my Powertec, a thing that I though I would NEVER let happen. My big beautiful construction yellow weight machine was surely dusty. Cleaned up the desktop computer, started researching, pulled out all the good mags, dug out the workout books and moved my ON Gold Standard whey to the front of the cupboard. READY TO GO!!!!
pause, slow out the gate, I can write any program for anybody, and goal, any body shape, except I can't write one for myself. Why? I can't stick to a program, I have to many, I see a new exercise and I gotta try it! Opps, there goes a good program, monkeyed up by curiosity to try something new and find a better way to get the body we all want.
Funny how habits can be easily forgotten if we stray for to long. It takes 2 weeks to make something a habit.Today is Day 1.

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