Friday, March 12, 2010

Huge things coming from ON and ABB

Could these companies get any bigger??? Well YEAH!!! they're pulling out all the stops with there new campaigns. True Strength campaign for ON and the new Built >. Campaign for ABB. Do we all understand the Built > ? Must we go back to school people? I certainly got it! k, math lesson here! what does the math symbol > mean? Remember the alligator's mouth? it eats the smaller number. Yep, it's the greater then symbol. Built greater then.... It's perfect. Optimum Nutrition has been serving the fitness community for 24 years and keeps going stronger and getting better with it's products and athletes each year. ABB has been full steam ahead since 1985, just this past year they have launched stellar products like Pure Pro Shot delivering  30 grams of high quality protein in a lil 8 1/2  oz bottle. Their latest product Speed Stack Pumped N.O. is sure to be a huge winner also. I have a line on all ON and ABB products (TY J!) so many more updates and products test will be posted, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I'm out... so enough being said, go check out these awesome companies!

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