Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just the right motivation

Some of you may know that I love competitions, nothing like a lil friendly rivalry to get you motivated! I'm an all or nothing kinda girl and this time I'm diving in head 1st. Thank you to who ever suggested me following Buffmother on FB! She's got a killer web site for us mom's who love to be all fit, buff n fine. Buff is SSSOOO better then just being a skinny chic. so any way, 70 days till summer and 70 days to whip it in shape. Monday the weights will be stacked and the muscle will reappear. I haven't lost the muscle, just temporarily misplaced it LOL!

Any of my Ladies wanna join me in some friendly competition? then check here and join me! lets rip stuff up (muscles) and be lean mean machines, that can take on anything that's thrown our way


  1. SWEET!!!!!! So happy, and I'm happy that I found the site for BuffMother too!