Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taking Time to make the right choices

We don't hastily buy a car, our 1st house, the right college for us or our children, so why should we make hasty decisions about our health? Planning a proper diet or making room for a small workout doesn't take alot of time, but if we don't stop, think, and force ourselves to plan, our health get's put at risk.
Give yourselves and extra 10 minutes in the morning and fix a bowl of oats, eggs, or even whole wheat toast with peanut butter, not only will you feel fantastic, rev up the metabolism to buern off that extra fat your storing, but you will be a fantastic role model for your family and friends.
Exercise doesn't have to be boring or even in the gym! It's gorgeous out today, got for a walk at lunch time, walk the dog when you get home, do a little bit of yard work, yes raking is exercise! play ball with the kids, lace up those sneaks and go for a run, take every moment you can to make smart healthier choices, our lives and our families depend on it.

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